Latex Gloves (Pack of 100)

Latex Gloves (Pack of 100)

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Protective gloves are designed to provide protection against viruses, infections, disease and other micro-organisms. Wearing gloves prevents your hands from coming into direct contact with contaminated surfaces, blood contaminants, bodily fluids. Gloves are also suitable for food preparation use. Gloves are available in nitrile and vinyl alternative.


Latex free gloves are suitable for various use such as everyday use, laboratory use and food preparation to ensure reliable protection from infection, blood born pathogens or disease.


 ✓ Stop hands coming into contact with contaminated surfaces

 ✓ Disposable after single use

 ✓ Vinyl, Nitrile and Latex gloves are available

 ✓ Low cost, bulk buy for discount

 ✓ Ready for fast UK dispatch