Nanofiber Filter Mask | 500 packs of mask

Nanofiber Filter Mask | 500 packs of mask


High Filtration and Lightweight (Lighter than a letter size paper sheet!)

Designed for comfortable protection against 94% of micro dust, allergen, pollen, mold, dander and common airborne irritants.

Most existing masks are less efficient due to moisture generated when breathing in an electrostatic manner.

NANO-BEYONDTEX is 0.1 um larger then air particles and smaller than harmful particles, and is filtered by the nanofiber structure itself, allowing for long wear and breathability, blocking, and durability.

  • Functional nose support.
  • High elasticity ear band.
  • Light and comfortable all day.
  • Block more than 90% of UV rays.
  • 3 layer structure three dimensional design.
  • Made in Korea.


Please note the only product option is 500 packs of masks at £499.