Vinyl Gloves (Pack of 100)

Vinyl Gloves (Pack of 100)

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Ideal for Medical and Food Safey.


Vinyl protective gloves are designed to avoid hands coming into direct contact with contaminated surfaces, blood contaminants, bodily fluids. Gloves act as a form of protection against infection, disease and blood born pathogens. Gloves are available in nitrile to ensure maximum protection in against a range of chemicals and substances.


Vinyl gloves are also referred to as PVC protective gloves. Latex free nitrile hand gloves are ideal; for giving protection from blood contaminants, blood borne pathogens, infection from body fluid and other diseases. Keeping a pair of gloves is a healthy habit.


Vinyl gloves are ideal when serving food as they prevent germs from coming in to contact with the food and ensure you are staying safe. Street food sellers should wear these gloves while serving and preparing food to customers to ensure to adhere to a high level of hygiene.