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We have diverted our fashion factories to help support the essential workers for the COVID-19 pandemic


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Opportunists and price gougers have been retailing essential PPE for over 500% of cost price. We’ve leveraged our supply connections to cut out the predatory intermediaries and offer the quality masks we all need at the affordable prices we all deserve.

My PPE Direct brings competition & transparency back to the marketplace.

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In early March 2020, the UK was in a pandemic relating to COVID-19. This detrimental virus had made its way to our country, from other countries in the world, resulting a in life changing situation for everybody living here, including my family. The retail stores, and pharmaceutic establishments were inundated with a swarm of public, desperately searching for any anti-bacterial product available. I found myself to be amongst these people, in a desperate situation, searching for products for my home, but also for my family.

I was astonished to see the extortionate prices that the simplest of products had gone up to. A small hand-sanitizer get that once costed 99p had gone up 5 times the price, and there was none available. Nothing to be seen on any of the shelves in any of the stores. If the store had the product, it was their price, their terms of how many could be purchased at any one time and their profits surging.

As the entire country went into a “lockdown” for the first time in history, it was almost impossible for anybody to get any personal protective equipment available in the market without being charged an extortionate price. Levels of anxiety began to soar, and people started to “panic buy”. I started to worry for all the vulnerable people in my family and started to think of a way of how I could provide them with PPE to be safe during this time.

I contacted my cousins (who currently supply PPE across Asia) and asked if it would be possible to send me some products to provide to my family members, as well as to provide for local organisations and charitable foundations. The gratitude received form all was not only heart-warming but sigh of relief that they had some essential products to help them get through this difficult period.

This is when was founded and created, to support and provide an online service for all types of Personal Protective Equipment to serve the public at an affordable and fair price for all. Our products are fully certified and are constantly checked to adhere to current government legislations, ensuring that you will be provided with the best Personal Protective Equipment at all times.

Within a matter of weeks, we found ourselves supplying the NHS, care homes, dental practices, schools & pharmacies with PPE.

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